These 19 Easy Life Hacks Are Guaranteed To Make Life Easier. Especially The One With a Pizza Box.

February 5, 2014 Entertainment

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There are so many simple ways you can improve your life… and most of them you won’t even realize until you read this article. These “life hacks” are so simple and easy to do, but they’ll change how you live. Are you ready? Do you have a paper and pencil handy? You’ll need them when I tell you how to REALLY open a jar of pickles…

I guarantee you’d never think of these things. Consider this a 19 life hack addendum to our original 89 Life Hacks, which you should definitely click out if you haven’t.

And there you have it. Your life should now be 10-25% easier. Share this with your friends (if you like them) and you’ll make their lives easier, too.

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