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Say Goodbye To 2016 By Checking Out The Year's Most Popular Google Searches

DECEMBER 30, 2016  —  By Sarah Jewel  
Sarah Jewel

Sarah Jewel

Animal and pizza lover with an Internet addiction. Nerd to the max. Currently residing in the land of beautiful winters.

2016 was chock-full of world events, celebrity gossip, and interesting stories that made us laugh and cry.

And we often chose to learn more about these happenings via Google. Estately scoured the trends to reveal exactly what people searched for the most in 2016 in each U.S. state, and the results are fascinating. What did your state search for? Did you look up any of these topics yourself?

Alabama: "Was Scalia murdered?"

Getty Images

"Harper Lee," "Tim Tebow baseball"

Alaska: "Juno spacecraft," "Alan Rickman," "Is Jon Snow really dead?"

Arizona: "Brock Turner sentence," "Gary Shandling"

Arkansas: "Kobe Bryant retirement"

Getty Images

"Day of Rage"

California: "National Parks 100th anniversary," "deep learning," "2016 worst year ever?"

Colorado: "Super Bowl 50," "Peyton Manning retirement"

Connecticut: "Carpool Karaoke"

"Billy Bush," "Kesha lawsuit"

Delaware: "Donald Trump presidential campaign," "Obama mic drop," "Brangelina divorce"

Florida: "Pulse nightclub"

Getty Images

"Zika virus," "Barrier Reef dead"

Georgia: "Harriet Tubman $20," "new Comey letter," "Denise Matthews"

Hawaii: "Pokémon GO!," "'Moana,'" "paddleboarding"

Idaho: "Kenny Baker"

Getty Images

"Bundy standoff," "What is transgender?"

Illinois: "Chance the Rapper," "Cubs parade route"

Indiana: "Harambe meme"

Getty Images

"Mike Pence," "Florence Henderson"

Iowa: "Islamic State," "ISIS"

Kansas: "LGBT," "Boko Haram"

Kentucky: "Muhammad Ali"

Getty Images

"Axl Rose"

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Louisiana: "police shooting," "Beyonce Lemonade album," "When they go low, we go high"

Maine: "Gwen Ifill," "Aleppo," "'Sausage Party'"

Maryland: "Simone Manuel"

Getty Images

"Lahore explosion," "Prince Harry and Megan Markle"

Massachusetts: "Brexit," "Simone Biles," "data science"

Michigan: "Gordie Howie"

Minnesota: "Prince"

Getty Images

"Black Lives Matter," "Philando Castile"

Mississippi: "mannequin challenge," "clowns"

Missouri: "McDonald's breakfast all day"

Getty Images

Montana: "Roger Ailes," "cupping therapy," "white nationalism"

Nebraska: "Pepe meme," "John Saunders"

Nevada: "Colin Kaepernick," "Alexis Arquette"

New Hampshire: "Carrie Fisher"

Getty Images

"European migrant crisis," "Tammy Grimes"

New Jersey: "Donald Trump," "Bridgegate verdict," "George Michael"

New Mexico: "Gary Johnson," "Umberto Eco," "Mars"

New York: "Lin-Manuel Miranda"

Getty Images

"iPhone 7," "pizza box made out of pizza"

North Carolina: "transgender bathroom law"

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North Dakota: "Dakota Access Pipeline," "'Dirty Grandpa,'" "Mac n' Cheetos"

Ohio: "The NBA Finals"

Getty Images

"Sen. John Glenn"

Oklahoma: "Kevin Durant decision"

Oregon: "Syria"

Pennsylvania: "Arnold Palmer," "Anthony Weiner investigation"

Rhode Island: "Winona Ryder," "How did Clinton lose?," "Frank Sinatra, Jr."

South Carolina: "KKK victory parade," "Walter Scott mistrial"

South Dakota: "Mother Teresa"

Getty Images

"Elie Wiesel," "'How to Be Single'"

Tennessee: "Dolly Parton telethon," "Mr. T dead" (Don't worry, Mr. T is still alive! This was just a rumor.)

Texas: "Dallas police shooting," "Juan Gabriel"

Utah: "glamping"

Getty Images

"'Stranger Things,'" "'Finding Dory'"

Vermont: "Orlando Bloom naked," "Swedish fish Oreos," "Bernie Sanders"

Virginia: "Chardonnay GO video," "Eric Fanning"

Washington: "'The X-Files' reboot"

Getty Images

"gravitational wave," "man in tree"

West Virginia: "Chyna," "Nancy Reagan," "'Fuller House'"

Wisconsin: "Reince Preibus"

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Wyoming: "Gene Wilder"

"Chewbacca Mom," "Olympic Games Rio 2016"

Wow, so much happened in 2016! Check out the full list here and share this interesting article with others.

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