Abandoned Paralyzed Dog Finds a New Home

AUGUST 17, 2013

Oscar the Dachshund mix was picked up in New York City. For unknown reasons, his back legs were paralyzed. Because it's so hard to re-home a special needs dog, he was placed on death row for dogs. Thankfully, a group named Urgent Part 2 saw Oscar's story. They posted his info to its network and NY Pet-I-Care responded by adopting the little dog, giving him a new forever home.

Because he was paralyzed, when Oscar was picked up by a shelter he was put on death row.

Lucky, a group of heroes saved him and placed him in a new home.

He is happy as can be and improves the lives of others, even as a special needs dog.

Oscar proves that even though he has special needs (and probably isn't what people imagine when they think of getting a new pet) he is a lovable, amazing part of someone's life. Don't judge a book (or dog) by its cover. Source

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