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19 Animal Parents Who Know The Struggle Is So Very Real When It Comes To New Kids

JULY 2, 2016  —  By Amanda Black  
Amanda Black

Amanda Black

Amanda hails from the great state of Maine. In the past, she's written for sites like,, and On ViralNova, you can catch her covering animal cuteness, travel, DIY tricks, and everything in between!

Moms, dads, you know that being a parent is one of the most -- if not THE most rewarding thing you'll ever do.

Oh yeah, and it's also the most tiring thing.

Yes, it's totally worth it when you see your little ones grow into responsible adults. But it's a long process to get there. You're not alone, though! These exhausted animals know the parenthood struggle all too well...

1. She's soooo excited to be a new mom.

2. This used to be his sink and his sink alone. (Well, aside from those silly humans.)

3. She's remembering what life was like BB (before babies).

4. "I sleep."

5. "What did I get myself into??"

6. "I'm just glad they're not nursing anymore!"

7. It was the only way to get him to sit still, I guess.

8. "I've had it up to HERE with you, Jeff. Time-out corner."


9. "I just can't even..."

10. "Where's Nancy? This is her job!"

11. "Timothy, you're lucky you're cute."

12. " have to take care of them forever forever?"

13. She's contemplating all her life decisions.

14. She went outside to get some peace and quiet...


15. This cat mom knows that you've gotta get your sleep whenever, wherever.


16. That look says it all.


17. Then again, despite all the long nights, constant crying, and messes, every parent knows that it's totally worth it.

18. "Okay, this isn't so bad, after all."

19. Ultimately, you know you'll do anything for your babies...even if that means going up against someone way bigger than you.


Even though I'm not technically a mom yet, I do know what this is like every morning when my dog wants to be's pretty much the same, right?


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