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Her Tiny Dog Escaped The Backyard. What Happened To Her Made The Family Sick.

AUGUST 20, 2017  —  By Matt Davidson  
Matt Davidson

Matt Davidson

Writer and sassy ginger currently residing in central Pennsylvania. Matt spends most of his free time online shopping for clothing that he doesn't need, perfecting the art of eye-rolling, and indulging in all forms of pop culture.

Pet owners in a neighborhood in Sydney, Australia, have reason to be on high alert following a string of animal abductions and killings.

Over the course of a few days, multiple cats and dogs have gone missing and many have turned up completely mutilated. The animal killers appear to just be slaughtering animals for no other reason than to be unspeakably cruel. And when they can't get their hands on pets, they take to killing wild animals. Needless to say, everyone in the area is pretty shaken up.

The images below are quite graphic.

One night, Diane Newham's beloved dog, Honey, had gone missing.

The Jack Russel terrier had slipped out the front gate of Newham’s yard late Tuesday night. Surveillance footage shows the rambunctious dog wandering into a neighbor's yard. Nearly an hour later, Honey’s mutilated body was found by a teenage girl just two houses down.

When vets saw her, they immediately knew that this was the work of a human attacker.

Surveillance footage shows the abusers at work.

And Honey wasn't the only one to suffer such a heartbreaking fate. Werrington resident Laura Sedaca is seeking justice after her cat Ginger was taken from her home. Her stomach had been viciously cut open, presumably forcing her to bleed out. Following the incident, more than 20 cat owners contacted Sedaca, informing her that their pets had also been killed.

(Via Nine News)

This is so tragic. Petitions for both Honey and Ginger have been created to attract police attention so that justice can be served.

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