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Here Are 11 Super Easy Yet Incredibly Useful Home Hacks Anyone Can Do. Life Just Got Better.

JUNE 15, 2014

Living in a dwelling that you don't own can have a lot of benefits. Your life is more flexible and the management company will most likely take care of maintenance for you. However, it can also be stressful when you think you're going to lose your security deposit because you broke, scratched or lost something. Never fear! These easy DIY tips will help you restore your apartment or all of its former glory (or at least to the state it was in before you got there). They're all relatively inexpensive and you can use items you have around the house.

1.) Have you scratched any furniture?

2.) Clear clogged drains by pouring baking soda down your drain, followed by vinegar and hot water.

3.) Wrap a wide rubber band around doorknobs to soften a door that slams (and reduce noise complaints).

4.) Make late-night entrances much less annoying.

5.) Use coarse salt to clean any cast iron skillets that came with your furnished apartment.

6.) A broom and a hose can help you clean off your dirty deck.

7.) Remove a stripped screw by using a rubber band and some elbow grease.

8.) Did you think you wrecked your linoleum?

9.) Freshen up the place without using a ton of aerosol sprays.

10.) Are the couch's pillows looking flat?

11.) Use WD-40 to: silence squeaky doors, lubricate stuck windows and remove crayon marks from walls.

(H/T Mashable) Sometimes, the solution to a problem is sitting right in front of you (if you have walnuts, rubber bands or toothpaste, that is). Share these awesome DIY apartment fixes by clicking on the button below.

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