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People In Denver Want Justice For This Child After Disturbing Photos Suggest Abuse

JULY 16, 2017  —  By Ryan E.

When Susan Cain posted a number of concerning photos of her 21-month-old nephew, Natas, on Facebook, people were shocked and enraged by what they saw.

In what she described as a last ditch effort to save her nephew from being abused and to get the attention of the Denver County Social Services in Colorado, Cain pleaded with people to share the pictures. She's convinced that ever since her brother, Patrick Nigh, who is the boy's father, was incarcerated on charges of domestic abuse, Natas' mother had been violent with the little boy. It isn't hard to see why Cain believes so when you look at all the documentation of his injuries.

The startling photos show Natas with a bloody face...

...missing teeth...

... and stitches. Cain also says the fire department found him wandering the streets of Denver all by himself once.

He even had a cigarette burn on his leg at one point. "Complete neglect. Where he's being left alone and someone needs to look into it," said Cain. "When I saw the cigarette burn, that was enough. I'm just tired of seeing all the injuries on the child."

Cain says that before sharing the photos, she'd tried to get social services involved with little luck. After the posts and photos went viral, Natas' mother, Lindsay Swisher, has stepped forward to explain herself. Hear her side of the story in the video below.


(via The Denver Channel)

The Colorado Department of Human Services has confirmed that it is investigating the situation at this time. Share if you're concerned about the little boy's well-being.

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