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When You Put These Items In An Ice Cube Tray, You Can Make Something Incredible

MAY 18, 2015  —  By Amanda Black  
Amanda Black

Amanda Black

Amanda hails from the great state of Maine. In the past, she's written for sites like,, and On ViralNova, you can catch her covering animal cuteness, travel, DIY tricks, and everything in between!

When it comes to cooling down a drink, an ice cube seems like an obvious and easy solution. But just because an ice cube tray is technically meant for water, doesn't mean you can't use it for way cooler ingredients. For instance, you probably never thought to put flowers in your plastic tray! Stop making boring blocks for your drinks and instead spice up your cube game. Here's how.

1. Let's start off easy: freeze leftover coffee...

And make a mint mocha shake. Yum!

2. Not that we know why this would ever happen, but if you have leftover wine, freeze it and add it to your next pitcher of sangria.

3. If your yogurt is about to go bad, freeze it to make it last longer.

When you're ready to use it, you can do this with it!

4. Freeze liquids in layers for a fun and fruity effect.

5. Make everything a bit peachier with these pureed cubes.

6. While you technically don't need an ice cube tray for these, they're still a must for a refreshing summer drink!

7. Some frozen flowers keep a bottle of prosecco or white wine cool.

8. Or you could add edible, aromatic flower cubes to a seltzer, vodka, or just some lemonade!

9. Strawberries covered with chocolate and frozen are the best thing you've never tried.

10. Grenadine is the perfect sweet touch to add to champagne ice cubes.

11. Or you can add blood orange juice to them!

12. By lining your trays with sushi rice, you can make foolproof Japanese snacks.

13. Pureed (or juiced) fruits make for colorful, nutritious, and practical smoothie additions.

You can also use them for on-the-go baby food!

14. Chocolate ice cubes add just the right amount of decadence.

15. What could be better, though? Easy-to-assemble milkshakes!

16. These limeade cubes are the perfect addition to a summer cocktail or a virgin drink for the beach.

17. Use your trays as quick, portion-controlled cookie dough containers!

18. Ice cubes don't have to be edible. These aloe ice cubes will work overtime on your sunburn.

19. What better way to go out with a bang than with these edible glitter cubes that'll add sparkle to any cocktail?

Find out how to make them here.

I will never look at an ice cube tray the same again. I may never use it for water again...I shall rename them champagne cube trays!

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