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The Sound Of This Ancient Whistle Is Beyond Terrifying...Since Death Followed

DECEMBER 2, 2014

There are some sounds that are simply not meant for mortal ears. The sound of an Aztec "death whistle" is one of them.

According to researchers, the whistle was used for religious ceremonies and to intimidate enemies during warfare. When you hear the sound of the death whistle, you'll understand how the Aztecs came to dominate South America.

The sound of a death whistle can only be described as a cross between a screaming animal and the howling wind.

The specific use of death whistles in Aztec society still remains a mystery. However, some researchers speculate that the whistles were used in religious ceremonies and warfare. Just imagine 1,000 Aztec warriors on horseback charging towards you, all blowing these death whistles. I'd be shaking in my boots.

The theory for a religious component to the death whistles comes from the discovery of a young man buried with a death whistle. This particular young man is thought to have been a human sacrifice for the Aztec festival of Toxcatl. The man would have been selected as a sacrifice a year in advance of the festival. During that time, he would prepare for his ultimate role of victim. The festival would culminate with his death by an obsidian dagger. His heart and head would then be removed and his flesh consumed by the elders of the city.

This is what the sound waveform of a death whistle looks like when it's blown. Even this looks spooky.

At this point, you probably just want to know what the heck the death whistle sounds like. Check it out in the video below.

Some death whistles were made of jade instead of clay. They sound a bit different, but no less terrifying.

Via: Movie Pilot

This whistle is the soundtrack to my nightmares. It sounds like a chorus of demons screaming for your soul. No wonder the Aztecs were so feared.

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