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These 37 People Learned The Hard Way That They Need To Stop Parking Like Jerks

APRIL 2, 2015

Parking is by far the most stress-inducing part of a driver's exam. If you never did it well before, then doing it when it counts can make you sweat like nobody's business. If you successfully park during your road test, you're on your way to a driver's license. If you don't, well, it's probably for the best.

The following 37 drivers somehow passed their driver's test, yet shouldn't have. Not only should they have their licenses taken away, but so should the people who gave it to them. Pray that you know how to actually park, or you too will suffer the wrath of others after a terrible parking job.

1. You don't want to anger these potatoes.

2. This is how you box in an inconsiderate shopper.

3. The lines needed to be drawn.

4. Who watches the watchers?

5. Whoever parked this car must have been trashed.

6. Notes are effective.

7. I know how it feels to have your grammar questioned, and it's not good.

8. That's a wrap!

9. Try getting into your Corvette.

10. All hail the princess.

11. Dukes of Hazzard style.

12. How to ruin someone's Outback experience.

13. You don't want to receive this card.

14. Double boot.

15. Office (parking) Space.

16. Get up on that curb.

17. Not the good kind of "special."

18. This parking spot is garbage.

19. Good luck getting out of there.

20. This is a bit excessive.

21. The old head-fake.

22. Not a threat, but a promise.

23. Revenge.

24. Don't piss off construction workers.

25. Called out!

26. You don't want this award.

27. A gang-up.

28. I understand not wanting to hug the curb, but come on.

29. You gotta do what you gotta do.

30. Does Spider-Man drive, too?!

31. I hope this driver saw this note.

32. Inconsiderate.

33. If the shoe fits!

34. A free condom, though!

35. Chained up.

36. Justice.

37. A nice instructional guide.

(via TwentyTwoWords)

Let these images serve as examples of what happens when you leave your car unattended after a terrible parking job. You better learn how to park...or else!

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