How to Make the Best Drinking Game Ever

AUGUST 14, 2013

Battleship is a game that many people grew up with (and very few people saw as a confusing movie about aliens). That's why a genius decided to create a mind-blowing drinking game out of the classic setup. It's perfect for getting drunk (but not killing yourself in the process). Plus, using two heavy wooden game boards makes drinking seem so much more legitimate.

Turning drinking into a legitimate game is tough work, but it can be done.

First step, drawing grids for the router.

Then, using the router to make the grind lines...

Lots and lots of grid lines.

A router was also used to make the fancy edges.

You'd need a total of four boards (2 for each player).

Once the boards were sanded, he attached to together with hinges.

It's starting to look like Battleship(shots) already.

A latch was installed to prevent the spillage of awesome drinks.

Handles were also added for easy transport and storage.

Time to stain.

Grid letters and numbers were added for the game.

Game board lacquer drying.

Making the playing pegs.

The ships were made out of small pieces of oak.

This is how you get drunk like a gentleman.

Now THAT is how you drink like a sir. Source

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