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These Incredible Performers Can Do Amazing Things With Their Bodies

JANUARY 22, 2015  —  By Laura Caseley  
Laura Caseley

Laura Caseley

Laura Caseley is a New York-based writer, artist, and illustrator. When she's not writing and researching for ViralNova, you can find her working on an art project or enjoying a good cup of tea.

After working with dancer Alejandra Bano back in 2012, London-based photographer Ben Hopper was inspired. Since then, he's been working with dancers and circus performers in a series called Transfiguration, which sees the performers pushing their bodies to the limit until they appear transformed into something other than human.

Hopper covered his models in layers of body paint and powder, which he felt rendered them less identifiable as individuals and helped to "release something animalistic from within." It also gives the models the appearance of being sculptures, and calls to mind the classical stone sculptures of ancient Greece and Rom. At the same time, the mottled paint also calls to mind the natural world and the patterned skins of animals. The resulting combination results in a sense of both statuesque stateliness and raw animal power.

(via BoredPanda)

Meanwhile, the models themselves pull off some incredible feats physically, and their bodies cease to become recognizable, predictable forms and instead become a mind-bending assortment of limbs. Figuring out whose arm is whose, and trying to place each person's bodies is part of the fun of looking at these, as is appreciating the sheer physical talent that the performers have.

You can see more of Hopper's work on his website and blog, including more of the Transfiguration series. His work deals with the human body, and so his work contains many nude figures, so maybe save checking it out until after work. You can also keep up with new projects on Hopper's Facebook.

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