This Photographer Will Do Anything It Takes For A Great Shot. And I Mean ANYTHING.

January 23, 2014 Entertainment

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Ben Zank is not your average photographer. He doesn’t take photos of others’ special occasions and he doesn’t wait in the forest for the perfect shot of an unsuspecting animal. No, his work is much more unique than that.

Ben is a journalism graduate, but while in college, he realized that writing and reporting were not interesting to him. It was photography that struck him, but not in the traditional sense – so he decided to do it his own way. Most of his photos feature himself in nearly unbelievable, sometimes seemingly impossible scenarios. In his words, Ben says:

“I do whatever it takes to get the shot. I’ve been submerged in cold water, dangled between rocky crevasses and ominous wells, and trespassed countless times in order to find a good location.”

The photos prove he’s not exaggerating:

With these photos, Ben is definitely on his way to solidifying himself as a unique, if not insane, photographer. I have great respect for someone willing to go to these lengths for his passion, and others agree. He has his first solo exhibit in Brooklyn in February. Get more info about the exhibit here.

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