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This Woman Underwent A Bizarre Tattoo Procedure To Turn Her Eyeballs Dark Blue

OCTOBER 13, 2016  —  By Hannah Austin

We've seen a lot of really bad tattoos and a few gorgeous ones, but nothing quite like what this woman from East London had done. She underwent a potentially dangerous procedure to tattoo the whites of her eyeballs dark blue.

Sara Night, better known as sara_tattoo on Instagram, is a tattoo artist, former beautician, and body modification enthusiast. Despite warnings of permanent blindness and other negative side effects, she decided to tattoo her eyes.

The procedure is done by injecting tattoo ink into the eye, then letting it "bleed" or spread throughout the white of the eyeball.

Unlike other tattoos, which can often be covered up or even removed, eyeball inking is completely irreversible.

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Although Sara claims that the procedure was no more than a "minor discomfort," she admits that she doesn't know what the long-term side effects are.

She told The Sun, "The long-term effects of eyeball tattoos aren't very well known. I've got not idea how my body will react 10 or 20 years down the line, but the way I see things, it's the 21st century and people should be able to do what they like to their own bodies."

While Sara says that her eyeball tattoos did not hurt, hand-poke tattoo artist Kylie Garth said that her own experience was "mentally so intense."

Kylie explained: "It's the strangest thing, I felt some pressure, like a little bit of sand in my eye and then it was done. I stood up and burst into tears afterwards because it was mentally so intense. It's like skydiving or bungee jumping -- you know it's safe but still actually doing it is crazy."

In addition to Sara's eyeball ink and tattoos that cover 70 percent of her body, she also has a split tongue. Tongue splitting is a surgical procedure that involves cutting the tongue front to back, giving it a forked or serpent-like appearance.

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Her eyeball tattoos are still in a liquid state. She says that when she rubs her eyes or takes her makeup off, she actually moves the ink around.

What do you think of eyeball inking? Would you tattoo your eyeballs? Let us know in the comments!

Personally, I don't even want to think about a needle coming near my eye!


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