This Beach Isn’t Nearly As Beautiful When You Realize That Isn’t Sand… OMG.

January 24, 2014 Other Stuff

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What you see below isn’t a beautiful, sandy beach. Sure, it’s a beach, but that definitely isn’t normal sand. It’s the coast of the Salton Sea, a shallow body of water in California’s Imperial and Coachella valleys. It’s the largest lake in California and, as the years go on, it’s getting saltier. The salinity of the sea is getting so bad, it’s killing millions of fish and creating this grotesque beach.

The Salton Sea was created on accident in 1905 when an irrigation canal from the Colorado River broke. A lake formed from the resulting spillover. Because this man-made, accidental lake now has no inlet or outlet, it’s leeching salt from the surrounding soil. It’s 30% saltier than the Pacific Ocean.


Note: don’t swim in the Salton Sea or walk on the beach. Make sure you let people know by sharing this gallery, even if you ruin a few vacations.

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