A 7 Year Old Boy Just Died. What One Pallbearer Did During The Funeral Is Beautifully Awesome.

February 7, 2014 Stories

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7 year-old Jesse Heikkila fought a long, hard battle with brain cancer. In his short life, he had to face a lot of challenges, but they never destroyed his dreams. Jesse wanted to be a superhero, or a police officer, or maybe even an Olympic swimmer. Sadly, his dreams were destroyed when he lost his struggle with brain cancer before he turned 8 years-old.

The entire town of Middleborough, Massachusetts, made sure that Jesse’s funeral was so memorable to honor the special little boy that passed away. It’s hard not to cry when you see just how many people, loved ones and strangers alike, wanted to show Jesse how much they cared.

Source: Enterprise News

Cancer is cruel and takes so many people away from us too soon. Share this boy’s memory with others below.

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