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Breastfeeding Means A Lot To Her, So She Did This To Represent The Beauty Of It

JANUARY 29, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

After giving birth to twin boys in 2012, Deidre Turner had trouble sticking with her resolution to breastfeed. Nipple damage, excruciating pain, and reoccurring bouts of mastitis almost forced her to quit on several occasions.

Things got better for Deidre around the eight-week mark, but when her son Max was born in 2015, there was a whole new set of issues. Max was unable to drain his mother's milk, leaving her breasts painfully engorged. Ever the warrior mama, Deidre began pumping the excess milk and donating it to moms in need.

Deidre overcame so much to breastfeed, and was even able to help other moms feed their babies in the process. She recognized that it was an accomplishment and wanted to find a way to celebrate it.

So she got a gorgeous breastfeeding tattoo! She did it "to commemorate breastfeeding, something that has been very important to me as a mother," she said.

About her breastfeeding, Deidre posted on Facebook:

"I share because it's special and important to me. This is the one thing in my life that I feel like I am really good at it. I can't sing or dance or sew or draw, I'm not that smart or talented in any other way. But I can produce a good supply of milk, I can feed that to my babies and I can pump and donate the excess to other mums who struggle with supply but still really want to breastfeed. And hopefully I can help other mums who are struggling too because I've been there. I want to be able to celebrate my achievements like anyone else celebrates theirs."

But Deidre isn't the only mom who's honored her breastfeeding journey by getting a tattoo!

Many moms around the world have gotten breastfeeding tattoos that are just as unique as they are.

Some are minimalistic.

Others are full of rich colors and striking details.

This mom combined two of her favorite things -- breastfeeding and mermaids! Who else thinks Ariel breastfed her daughter, Melody?

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Although the subject of each tattoo is breastfeeding, they couldn't be more different.

From soft, floral tats... witches who breastfeed as they contemplate their next spell...

...each and every one is a gorgeous reminder of the powerful bond that exists between mother and child.

And of the strength that it takes to breastfeed! Psychologist Sharon Draper called the tattoos "a form of self-expression to show the world how proud they are of something they believe in."

She also said, "For other mothers, seeing these mothers embrace breastfeeding in this way can provide a form of support to them, to let them know it's a positive thing and we shouldn't be ashamed of it."

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Breastfeeding moms should never be made to feel ashamed. Instead, they should be encouraged to talk about and celebrate their experiences. The way these moms are doing just that is a thing of beauty.

(via Essential Baby)

Do you have a breastfeeding tattoo? If so, let us know in the comments below! And don't forget to share these amazing tats with the moms in your life.

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