They Say You Should Face Your Fears...So These People Are Choosing To Be Buried

SEPTEMBER 5, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

If you asked me what scares me the most, getting buried alive would definitely be my answer.

It can't get much worse than being trapped in the ground and slowly suffocating to death. That's why I'm so shocked that there are Russian people who actually pay to have it done to them.

To supposedly cure people's fear of death, Sergey Volkov and a group of volunteers in Moscow are burying them in the ground in bizarre therapy sessions. Though they have tubes to breathe out of while they're underground, there are no medical professionals there to help, should anything go wrong.

Here is the terrifying perspective of one person who asked for this insane "treatment."

Okay, I know they say you should face your fears head-on, but this just seems wrong.



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