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Food Photographer Creates Awesome Carbonite Chocolate Figurines. Mmm. Han Solo.

NOVEMBER 5, 2014

When talented people decide to think outside of the box, awesome things happen. Food Photographer Henry Hargreaves got really creative when he decided he wanted to to put a bunch of actions figures in carbonite (à la Han Solo) using chocolate and edible silver paint. Let's just say it worked out, and the results are super cool. Check 'em out!

Oh no! Batman looks so...delicious? I'm feeling confused.

Jabba would totally have Indiana Jones put in carbonite. Maybe because, for some reason, he and Han Solo look very similar.

Here's Raphael of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles all frozen up in some carbonite. Delicious chocolatety carbonite.

D'oh! How did Homer get himself into this mess.

For good ol' Kermit, It ain't easy being green. Or being trapped and frozen by a malicious intergalactic crime-boss.

I have a hard-time believing that Jabba could capture the Hulk in full-Hulk mode and be able to freeze him. I mean it still looks tasty, but I'm having trouble committing to the story.

Optimus Prime won't be transforming anytime soon while he's frozen in this carbonite and chocolate goodness.

Reach for the sky! Poor Woody ran outta luck when he got caught by Jabba. Childhood memories - ruined, yet somehow more delicious.


Check out a video of how Hargreaves created these awesome chocolate snacks below:

See more of Henry Hargreaves work here.

This is a really cool and creative idea, and one that I wish was available for me to go out and buy/eat right now.

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