This Baby Has No Idea His Parents Are The Coolest Ever. But These Photos Are Proof.

December 24, 2013 Entertainment

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Lilly, Leon and baby Orson aren’t your normal family. In fact, they may be better than the average family. These three make their own fun by creating their favorite movie sets out of cardboard and other household items they deem their best “domestic junk.” This project, now named the Cardboard Box Office, all started because Lilly and Leon amassed a lot of boxes during their move from New Zealand to Australia and also from the birth of their son. So, what does one family do when they have a lot of boxes?

Taking the photos is sometimes tricky, if all three need to be in the shot. Only Leon and Lilly are able to operate the camera (since Orson is too busy being a baby). The results, however, are always awesome. Now THAT’S how you act like an awesome young family. If you want to see more, check out Cardboard Box Office.

Source: Cardboard Box Office

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