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28 Caring Cats Who Prove They Make Surprisingly Great Babysitters

FEBRUARY 9, 2015

Finding a reliable babysitter is one of the many hassles parents face when attempting to take a break from their bundles of joy. But maybe they should be looking into the option right in front of their face: the family cat.

Okay, so obviously you're not really going to leave your small child alone with your cat, no matter how mature and awesome your cat is, but there is no denying that these guys have an adorable bond with their small humans.

1. "He loves it when I copy him."

2. "Finally, I get to be the big spoon!"

3. "See: you fit, you sit!"

4. "I could have sworn we already read this one..."

5. He couldn't find his teddy bear for him, so he just cuddled himself up instead.

6. "Hm, I think I have enough blush."

7. Teaching this tot everything she knows about being fabulous.

8. "I think you need a diaper change... We'll wait for your parents to take care of that."

9. It's always best to get a good vantage point.

10. "Thank goodness you're home. Please don't tell her where I am."

11. "It may not be your naptime, but it's mine."

12. These two love playing dress up together.

13. "Finally, someone who understands my inner royalty."

14. "Your cage is so much bigger than mine."

15. She feels bad about forgetting his warm socks.

16. "Trust me, you don't want to eat that gum off the ground."

17. "And this is what we call snow. Isn't it awesome?"

18. This was the only way she could keep him still.

19. She's taking a mental picture of the clean space before the kid destroys it eating Cheerios.

20. "Your toys are way cooler than mine."

21. Even if she has to do it in a stealthy way, she knows she has to keep a close eye on this troublemaker.

22. "Stay away from that. That's where they keep all the evil water."

23. "No, that's definitely not our house."

24. "Do they sell that at PetCo?"

25. "You can have your seat back when you learn to say 'please.' Or any words at all."

26. Baby's first box fort, kitten-style.

27. "This is the only way to get him to stop crying."

28. "You like to eat your toys too?!"

(via The Dodo)

At the very least, maybe they can keep the kids entertained long enough to use the bathroom by yourself?

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