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He Thought He Was Adopting A Black Cat, But Then Something Amazing Began To Happen

DECEMBER 24, 2016  —  By Sarah Jewel  
Sarah Jewel

Sarah Jewel

Animal and pizza lover with an Internet addiction. Nerd to the max. Currently residing in the land of beautiful winters.

Black cats get a bad rap because superstition says they're bad luck.

This means that black cats get adopted less than other kitties, but that didn't deter David when he saw Scrappy. Scrappy was full of personality and loved climbing up his legs and playing, so David thought they would be a perfect match.

This is what Scrappy looked like at five years old. His black coat was shiny and dark, but soon after adopting him, David began to notice a change.

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Scrappy developed white splotches all over his body after he turned seven, the result of a skin condition called vitiligo. It's not painful, but vitiligo causes white or colorless patches on animals and humans who have the condition.

No longer a coal-black kitty, Scrappy now has a unique coat pattern that's gained him a bunch of fans.

Scrappy's Facebook page shows the cat doing his favorite activities like hanging out in the sun under his rose bush.

David even adopted some siblings to help keep his cat company.

“At first, he was very hissy with the new kittens that came into his home, but has improved a lot over a month,” David says. “He used to hiss and swat for them to move out of his way and now he barely does that, even sharing his food and space with the kittens.”

At 19, Scrappy is now very old, but he still has a playful spirit.

“He’s also a very vocal cat,” David says. “When Scrappy isn’t sleeping or eating, he can be heard meowing loudly because he wants to eat or go outside.”

In addition to his Facebook page, you can find Scrappy living it up on Instagram. David loves Scrappy so much and says everyone should consider adopting black cats.

(via Little Things)

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Scrappy is so, so beautiful. I'm so glad he found a loving home. Share his story if you think David and Scrappy are an amazing duo!

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