They Poured Some Concrete Into A Mold And Made This Beautiful Coffee Table

SEPTEMBER 13, 2016  —  By Matthew Derrick

The very thought of concrete-based DIY projects gives me a queasy feeling.

Maybe I've watched too many cartoons in my life, but thanks to my lack of grace, if anyone were going to work with concrete and get hurt, it would be me.

But for those of you brave enough to venture into the realm of working with concrete, Redditor Theonlykd and his girlfriend have the perfect DIY project for you. After getting tired of their old coffee table, they set out to create their own.

The couple began by building a mold out of melamine.

Next, they built legs out of metal pipes to help create a supportive base.

After mixing the concrete, they poured it into their mold.

While the concrete was still wet, they placed the legs in and allowed the whole thing to dry.

They then gave the tabletop a good sanding to smooth out any rough spots.

An artist's work is never done until they've signed their piece!

All the table needed was a vase and a candle to look right at home!

If I weren't so terrified of working with cement, a table like theirs would be the perfect addition to my living room. For more details, check this out.



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