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If You Eat A Lot Of Eggs, Brace Yourself For This Horrifying Industry Secret

MARCH 2, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

After seeing these horrific images, I'm really regretting the two hard-boiled eggs I had for breakfast this morning.

Eggs are packed full of protein and they're easy to prepare, making them an ideal breakfast option for people on the go. Before you decide to eat your next omelette, however, you need to know what's happening to male chicks and female ducklings every day in egg industry. While you might be tempted to say these images came from somewhere in the developing world, they were taken right here in the good old USA.

Brace yourself. These images are gruesome and heartbreaking. Personally, they're going to stick with me for a long time.

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As soon as baby chicks are old enough to be sexed -- often on their first day of life -- they are "culled." The females, who will be able to lay eggs, are stuffed into cages. While a few males are kept for breeding purposes, the majority are killed immediately. Male ducklings, on the other hand, are kept for their meat, while the females are culled.

Up to 350 million baby chicks meet this horrific fate each year. It may sound odd, but the lucky ones are placed in plastic bags and suffocated.

Why is that lucky, you ask? Because the majority are placed onto a conveyor belt and dropped into a grinding machine.

The result is just as gruesome as it sounds.

Although rarer, some male chicks are killed with carbon monoxide poisoning. Here, a worker can be seen shoveling their remains into a large dumpster.

What does all this mean from a chick's perspective? Let's just say that if I had room for the 500,000 chicks that will be put to death tomorrow, I'd adopt them in a second.


How many more chicks have to meet this horrific fate before the egg industry changes its inhumane practices? That's really up to you. One choice is to go vegan, but that's certainly not for everyone. The other is to source your eggs from local farmers who don't engage in these types of cruel behaviors.

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Will you continue to eat eggs after seeing this? Let us know in the comments below, and be sure to help raise awareness for this heartbreaking issue with your friends and family.

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