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27 Everyday Uses For Coconut Oil That Will Better Your Health AND Home

NOVEMBER 24, 2016  —  By Matthew Derrick  
Matthew Derrick

Matthew Derrick

Writer and sassy ginger currently residing in central Pennsylvania. Matt spends most of his free time online shopping for clothing that he doesn't need, perfecting the art of eye-rolling, and indulging in all forms of pop culture.

Coconut oil has long been a staple ingredient in many cuisines around the world.

But as it turns out, the creamy oil can be used for plenty of other things outside the kitchen! From helping you get over the common cold to clearing up dry skin, these unexpected applications for coconut oil might just make you run to the store to stock up.

1. Rubbing coconut oil on your skin can work wonders in aiding burns, bruises, bug bites, and even age spots.

2. Preserve your cutting board by rubbing a teaspoon of oil on it every month or so.

3. It also makes for a sweet-smelling aftershave.

4. Who knew you could create your own homemade chapstick using coconut oil and a few other natural ingredients.


5. Adding coconut oil to your daily diet can help lower cholesterol levels.

6. It can also help fend off diabetes.

7. It has been linked to eliminating signs of mild depression.

8. Rejuvenate you face and body by using the oil as a skin moisturizer.

9. Boil down the concentrated oil and use it to make homemade soaps.

10. Stop drinking energy drinks -- a spoonful of coconut oil can boost your energy levels and mental awareness.

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11. Feeding your dog coconut oil can improve their energy levels, too. It's also good for their coat and helps reduce dry, itchy skin.

Here's how to figure out the proper dosage.

12. The fatty acids in coconut oil are amazing fungicides, making it an alternative cure for fungal infections like athlete's foot and planter warts.

13. Use coconut oil instead of other fat bases in your cooking to help aid in weight loss.

14. Replace your favorite coffee creamer with coconut oil for a healthy and sweet alternative.

15. Consuming two tablespoons of coconut oil daily is said to increase cognitive behavior.

16. Add some vibrance and shine to your hair by using coconut oil as a conditioner.

17. Replace butter and other cooking fats in your favorite dessert recipes with coconut oil -- doing so produces fluffier baked goods.

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18. Avoid heavy lotions when giving a massage and opt for coconut oil instead.

19. Replace your store-bought makeup removers with coconut oil.

20. Rub a bit of coconut oil on your nails and cuticles to help smooth out rough spots and promote healthy nail growth.

21. Avoid giving your son or daughter diaper rash by wiping just a small dab of coconut oil on their tiny tush.

22. Remove chewing gum from just about any surface by rubbing it with coconut oil. The liquid gets rid of the stickiness and makes it easy to get off.

23. Follow these easy instructions to make your own chemical-free deodorant with coconut oil.

24. Lubricate small motorized appliances like blenders with coconut oil to keep things running smoothly.

25. Consuming a tablespoon of coconut oil every day is good for your digestive tract and can decrease constipation.

26. There's nothing worse than a leaking pen. Quickly get ride of the inky mess by rubbing your hands with coconut oil before wiping dry.

27. Drinking two to three tablespoons of coconut oil with a glass of orange juice every day can help fight off even the most stubborn illnesses.

(via Everyday Roots)

Looks like I'll be incorporating more coconut oil into my daily life. Which of these uses will you start with?

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