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She Put Contact Paper Down On Her Floor And I Can't Believe The Beautiful Results

FEBRUARY 5, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

If you thought contact paper was just for lining drawers, think again. With these 15 DIY projects, you can spruce up just about any room in the house without breaking the bank.

Thanks to Pinterest, I have about a million home decorating ideas that I can't afford. While I might not be able to build a swimming pool out of pallets or turn a bowling alley into a table, I can definitely drop $5 on a roll of contact paper. The results of these simple, cheap DIYs are way more beautiful than I ever would have imagined. Follow the links in each heading for instructions!

1. It's hard to believe that this stunning tabletop is nothing more than marble contact paper.

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2. If you want to start small, though, you can use the same paper to turn tin cans into adorable planters.

3. Contact paper in the fridge? Why did I never think of this?

4. While you're at it, you might as well cover the whole darn thing!

5. Contact paper is also a great way to add a splash of color to the back of cabinets.

6. Or, you can create a DIY backsplash! This whole project cost $35, which is what some people spend per tile.

7. The inside of drawers is probably the most common place to find contact paper.

8. But why just settle for the inside when you can decorate the edges?

9. Or cover an entire dresser for a brand-new look?

10. Maybe this washing machine makeover will motivate you to do laundry. Maybe.

11. Nothing says "my door is better than yours" like contact paper triangles.

12. No shades? No problem! Contact paper provides privacy while allowing natural light to shine through.

13. If you have a boring, white room, try cutting polka dots out of contact paper. Adorable!

14. Or give the kids a place to let their creativity run wild by covering a whole wall with chalkboard contact paper.

15. By now, you're basically a contact paper expert, so why not redo your kitchen floors? No one will believe that you picked up this "hardwood" for $10 at the craft store!

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If you get tired of your contact paper, just heat it up with a hair dryer and peel it right off! And don't forget to SHARE these awesome ideas with your friends and family.

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