Here Are 23 Toilets You Absolutely Must ‘Occupy’ Before You Die. Although #2 Is Pretty Much Insane.

June 2, 2014 Entertainment

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The bathroom is typically not a place that people show off much. Having fancy soaps and oils is nice. Some people even have really neat faucets. If you’re going to make a bathroom awesome, you’ll probably focus on adding a really cool shower or tub… but what about the toilet?

After you see this, you’ll know how much potential the porcelain throne has. It’s not just for making #1 and #2… you can make a statement with your toilet. These people are so doing things right.

Don’t let showers and tubs always steal the bathroom thunder. The next time you’re in a fancy bathroom, look at the toilet. It might just blow you away (and definitely will if it’s a bidet).

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