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Real Tabloid Covers That Will Have You On The Ground Laughing

JULY 28, 2015  —  By Joe Welkie

If you've ever been to a supermarket, you've probably seen a ridiculous tabloid cover or two. They just hang there on the shelves and wait to catch your eye with their completely insane headlines. You never buy them, but they always pique your interest enough to take a look.

Here are some of the most hilarious tabloid stories that have ever been printed. They're most likely not true, but that doesn't mean they can't give you a good chuckle.

1. At least they're not on Earth, right?

2. That's a damn good surgeon!

3. I hate it when that happens.

4. This will really draw some crowds at SeaWorld!

5. Well, if Satan is dead, then we don't have to worry about going to Hell, right?

6. This probably won't win any awards at the county fair.

7. Talk about a hothead.

8. Now all we need is a giant lizard to eat it.

9. I knew it all along!

10. He probably won't have sexual relations with that woman, either.

11. I mean, where else would this happen?

12. Opposites attract.

13. Why was he sneezing in her face?

14. That's a scary mob boss.

15. Nothing like a good scandal!

16. And he came all the way back from the dead to do it.

17. We all knew this.

18. This clearly isn't the work of Photoshop.

19. I think Batman lost his kid.

20. Why would the CIA work on this? Why?

21. That explains a lot.

(via The Roosevelts)

It doesn't get crazier than that. Good thing none of these stories are true...right? Because I really can't share the planet with Batkid.

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