This Guy Came Across A Cabin In The Woods, And What He Found Inside Is So Disturbing

OCTOBER 18, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

Ever since I saw "The Blair Witch Project," I've had the strange desire to search the woods for creepy buildings to explore.

But even as I say this to you now, I know that I'd probably wimp out if none of my friends wanted to come along. I'm simply not as brave as this guy.

While on vacation in Colorado, Redditor SeaDug noticed an old, abandoned cabin as he was walking through the woods. It didn't seem like anything special, but he instantly became creeped out when he stepped inside.

From the outside, it looked like any other abandoned building that eventually gets vandalized.

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However, the inside was a different story. He found a seemingly innocent cross, but then saw that it was right next to a pentagram.

There was another one in the next room.

I think I'll pass, thanks.

It's very possible that homeless people or drug addicts squat here from time to time.

Though the imagery could have just been the work of some bored teenagers, the cabin is definitely not a place you'd want to visit alone.

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After seeing that, I think I'm content to get my creepy fix in movies. You never know who could show up in the forest.



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