17 Of The Creepiest Statues Ever Found In Graveyards And Cemeteries

SEPTEMBER 10, 2016  —  By Corinne Sanders

I'm sure we've all come across creepy statues at some point in our lives.

Whether they be in parks, churches, or art museums, I think we can agree that they are all pretty unsettling. But one thing's for certain, though. The creepiest statues of all call cemeteries home. I'm sure not many people reading this would want to wander around cemeteries for no reason anyway, but seeing these will certainly convince you to stay away forever.

1. I don't want to find out what's under that cloak.

2. This weeping angel is definitely going to haunt me.

3. Although this sculpture is stunning, it's definitely a little creepy.

4. This is pure NOPE.

5. Why does this need to be a thing?

6. I would not get any closer.

7. He is nowhere near angelic.

8. This is going right on the list of places I'll never visit.

9. I would run far, far away if I came across this madness.

10. These are so much worse without eyes.

11. Whoever put this here must love terrorizing people.

12. Coincidentally, adding googly eyes doesn't make everything funny.

13. Here's some complete nightmare fuel.

14. Let's never meet, okay?

15. There's nothing I would love more than for this thing to stop staring at me.

16. Nothing says creepy like a statue right in your face.

17. How is this even kind of respectful to the dead?

As if statues weren't creepy enough, right? Let's just hope they don't come to life.



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