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20 Of The Creepiest Deep Sea Creatures -- I'm Never Swimming Again

JANUARY 31, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

If there is one place on Earth that I never want to visit, it's the deep sea. Everything down there looks like it just swam out of the seventh circle of Hell.

These 20 creatures (or shall I say monsters) are prime examples of just how scary the deep sea can be. The ocean's dark, vast waters are teeming with all sorts of lifeforms that were never meant to see the light of day. Giant crabs? Check. Fish with pointy teeth? Check. Weird squids that look like Cthulhu? Double check. Good luck sleeping after seeing these terrifying monstrosities.

1. The deep sea is full of creatures that are scarier than any horror movie.

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2. I mean, what the hell is this? Does the planet really need a fish like this?

3. There are many types of anglerfish and each one is more horrific than the last.

4. I don't know what's worse, the transparent head or those haunted eyes.

Deep-sea fish has transparent head, upward-facing eyes, demon-doll face

5. Sometimes, terrifying creatures from the deep sea wash up on beaches.

6. Others are caught by fishermen. I would never let this thing on my boat!

Getty Images

7. WHY does it move so fast?!

Deep sea creature from creepy

8. Oh. Because it's even scarier when it's still. Awesome.

9. Crab legs, anyone?

Getty Images

10. Anything with weirdly long legs is automatically frightening.

11. See what I mean? This thing definitely wants to wrap me in its tentacles and slowly squeeze the life from my body.


12. Finally, a nice piece of coral. SIKE! Those are tuber worms of death.

13. Every time something touches my foot while I'm swimming, this is exactly what I imagine.

14. Look at them teeth! Seriously, why does this exist?

15. Of course, there are also sharks in the deep sea. This one has nice green eyes....and flat teeth that are perfect for stripping a victim's flesh.

16. This shark, on the other hand, really needed braces, but his family couldn't afford them. His needle-like chompers still get the job done, though.

17. Dude, why are you smiling? You're holding the spawn of Satan!

18. Believe it or not, some people actually eat these things. I would legit murder anyone who tried to feed me this.

19. All this time, we've been looking to the sky for aliens. Maybe we should have been looking in the ocean instead.

20. Good luck sleeping now that you've seen what's hiding down there!

Getty Images

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If I ever found myself near the deep sea, I'd skedaddle out of there faster than you could say floppy-eared jellyfish! Be sure to SHARE these oddities of the deep sea with your friends and family.


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