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Imagine Seeing This Horrifying Shadow Behind Your Door...NOPE

FEBRUARY 17, 2017  —  By Corinne Sanders

Have you ever noticed something while you were home alone at night that completely freaked you out?

I've seen plenty of dark, scary-looking figures in my bedroom as I'm drifting off to sleep -- but I always know that they're just items of clothing or other inanimate objects tricking my eyes. However, if I came across this terrifying sight with nobody else around, I would not be able to stay calm and collected.

Recently, the Brazilian media and news site emceNNa posted some pretty unsettling photos of something that looks like it came straight out of a horror movie. Would you dare to investigate?

My answer would be a definite NOPE.

I can't imagine anybody wanting to get closer to that shadowy figure.

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But if you decided to face it head-on and bravely look behind the door...

...You'd find out that it was a shopping cart. Wait, what? How can something so boring turn into a resemblance of a demon?

(via BuzzFeed)

Our eyes really do play tricks on us, don't they? Be sure to share these creepy photos with others to see how they react!

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