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18 Of The Creepiest Playgrounds Ever

FEBRUARY 1, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

As a kid, I would beg my parents to take me to the park to play. If I had lived near any of these 18 creepy playgrounds, though, I would have begged them to let me stay home!

Playgrounds are supposed to fun, whimsical places where kids can let loose and allow their imaginations to run wild. But from the looks of things, the creators of the ones below let their own dark imaginations get a little too out of control. While some of these playgrounds are accidentally creepy due to their locations, others were purposefully designed to scare the hell out of kids -- and adults!

1. It's always unsettling to see a playground this close to a graveyard.

2. And abandoned parks, like this one in Syria, are never not depressing.

3. But other playgrounds take creepy to a whole new level.

4. This train has seen (and smoked) some bad stuff.

5. I guess parents in Sweden don't want their kids to sleep EVER.

6. Who thought it was a good idea to attach slides to a hobo with his legs spread?

7. Or build this thing that looks like...well, you know.

8. No one wants to slide down this demented Pinocchio.

9. Or climb into these houses' mouths! Are we playing or practicing for an earthquake?

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10. There is a soul trapped inside this thing and nothing you say can convince me otherwise.

11. "My eye? Oh, it's fine! Come plaaayyyy."

12. Who could sit next to this nightmare of a teddy bear?

13. And what kind of kid would willingly climb up next to this thing?

14. "Jimmy, I don't care if there's a dead body in the park, take your sister on the swings this instant!"

15. "And don't forget to let her climb on the jungle gym of death!"

16. Is this supposed to make kids less afraid of the doctor? 'Cause it's not working, at all.

17. Playground equipment or tribute to a satanic cult? You be the judge.

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18. I want to believe this guy was less creepy before someone added the red paint, but something tells me he wasn't.

You definitely won't find me near any of this stuff! Don't forget to share these photos with your friends, and if you happen to live by a creepy playground, let us know in the comments below.

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