These Adorable Plushies Are Hiding A Sinister Secret

OCTOBER 6, 2016  —  By Sarah Gzemski  

Sarah Gzemski

Animal and pizza lover with an Internet addiction. Nerd to the max. Currently residing in Arizona, the land of beautiful winters.

As a life-long lover of all things animal, I have been known to keep a plushie or two around.

Stuffed animals are a staple in any home with children, but they're also a perfect way to curb my gotta-save-them-all animal instinct.

While most stuffed animals are pretty adorable, the William Mark Corporation has put a new twist on pillow toys with their Feisty Pets line.

Sure, they look first...

But then...FEISTY!

All it takes is a tug at the back of the head to turn them from cuddly and cute to crazy and deadly.

Do you dare keep a Feisty Pet around? Choose from a bear, dog, cat, or monkey here.

You never see the cute ones coming.



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