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Celebrate National Pet Day With 41 Of The Sweetest & Most Adorable Animals

APRIL 10, 2015  —  By Jessica Catcher  
Jessica Catcher

Jessica Catcher

Jessica is a writer who lives in Queens, NY. She spends most of her time listening to One Direction, watching TV, and hanging out with her one-eyed cat, Rigby.

Saturday, April 11 marks this year's National Pet Day here in the United States, and we decided it was the perfect excuse to show off all the adorable animal buddies we could find on the Internet.

From fluffy pups to cuddly kittens, and even a surprisingly sweet-faced fishy friend, we would be more than happy to call these cute critters our very own.

1. "Dis me? But...I'm me!"

2. This cutie can ride shotgun with me anytime.

3. "Get it? Seven ATE nine!"

4. Lost in thought about how frickin' adorable her ears are.

5. "Hey, I've got brains to back up this beauty."

6. I had a teddy bear just like this as a kid, only not as cute.

7. "I'm the cutest." "No, I am!"

8. "Take me to the catnip!"

9. Sorry kitties, you can't hide that much cute, no matter how hard you try.

10. I'd like a refill of this, please.

11. Pretty sure these two are the most photogenic cats in the world.

12. "Yeah, I know I'm hot stuff."

13. Don't worry, no one could ever get rid of you, little guy.

14. Her ears are as big as her face!

15. "I will destroy you."

16. Let me check...yep, my heart is a puddle.

17. Look. At. Those. Eyes.

18. He doesn't understand why he needs a bath every day, but he would if he could see this photo.

19. It would take me hours to look this effortlessly adorable.

20. No music needed, this cutie is already a masterpiece.

21. "Eating garbage? Who? Me?"

22. "Make love, not war."

23. The fastest, fluffiest pup in the west.

24. Admit it: those eyes and that smile are as cute as any fur baby.

25. "It's me, right? I'm the good boy??"

26. "You are getting very sleepy...You will hand me all the catnip..."

27. This pup can make anyone feel like a winner.

28. "Yeah, you're real funny, Carl."

29. "Do you know the password for the secret kitty fort?"

30. "I'll still be this cute when I grow up, right?"

31. I want to put him in my pocket and never let him go.

32. It may be a muddy face, but you still can't be mad at it.

33. "Excuse me...I believe I heard you say treat?"

34. If only we could all be this fierce when we first wake up.

35. "I notice you're cooking bacon..."

36. Never wake a sleeping cutie.

37. This sweet face shines brighter than any old sunset.

38. "Can we get fries with that?"

39. They're picture perfectly trained.

40. Someone didn't think he could pull off this hat. He showed them.

41. There's magic in this pup's eye.

For those of you lucky enough to have your own cute pet to snuggle up with today, could you maybe give them an extra hug from us? Thanks! We appreciate it!

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