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Here Are 26 Normal Things Dirtier Than Your Toilet...Life Is So Gross

NOVEMBER 18, 2016

Warning: One look at these 26 things dirtier than your toilet may ruin you forever.

You may never be able to see the world in the same light again. From restaurant ice to your personal cell phone, just wait 'til you see just how dirty you and the things around you really are. Maybe ignorance truly is bliss.

1. Seventy percent of ice served at restaurants is dirtier than toilet water.

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2. Most refrigerators test positive for E. coli.

3. Keyboards can be up to 200 times dirtier than your toilet seat.

4. Cell phones hold 10 times more bacteria than a toilet.

5. And restaurant menus can hold up to 100 times more.

6. Carpets are 4,000 times dirtier than most commodes.


7. Reusable shopping bags contain more fecal matter than your underwear.

8. The TV remote is the dirtiest thing you own.

9. After 10 years, your mattress will double in weight from dead skin cells and dust mite poop.

10. Any given bank note could host 200,000 bacteria.

11. A woman's handbag is bound to become a bacteria zone. After all, it holds that nasty cell phone.

12. Public restrooms are heavily trafficked areas that hold almost two million bacteria per square inch.

13. You can't escape germs at the workplace. Your office desk is probably dirtier than the porcelain throne (400 times dirtier, to be exact).

14. Raw meat carries more fecal bacteria than your toilet, making cutting boards some of the most contaminated items in any given kitchen.

15. When you flush the toilet, germs can travel up to six feet and could splash onto your toothbrush if you leave it sitting out.

16. Your hands are the dirtiest parts of your body. They're also pretty much required to open most doors. Do the math!

17. The same logic could be applied to light switches. The switches themselves and surrounding plates often host 200 bacteria per square inch.

18. It should come as no surprise that your kitchen sink harbors all kinds of germs and bacteria. I mean, you do wash your dirty dishes there after all.

19. Shopping carts are subjected to grimy hands all day, every day and receive very little cleaning. Nothing like covering your food in germs before it even gets home!

20. Each ATM button averages almost 1,200 germs. Entering your pin number can seriously contaminate you before you've even received your equally dirty cash.

21. A typical day of errands can leave your steering wheel covered in all the germs you've acquired at the grocery store, ATM, and your favorite lunch location.

22. The porousness of your kitchen sponge leaves plenty of room for germs and bacteria to take over.

23. Your bathtub may not be helping you stay as clean as you once thought. Just think about laying down in 19,000 bacteria per square inch.

24. Don't let the fact that the place you lay your head at night contains fungal spores, dust mites, dead skin cells, and bodily fluids keep you from getting a restful night's sleep.

25. Your pet's food dish can be home to over 2,000 bacteria for every square inch.

26. The moisture of your shower head can attract large amounts of bacteria, because who even needs to be clean, anyway?

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I warned you. Don't blame me for bursting your bubble.

(via eBaum's World, Twenty-Two Words / List25)

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