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This Artist Went On A Drug-Induced Journey To Push The Boundaries Of His Process

MARCH 9, 2016  —  By Maddie D.

Innumerable works of art are born in the space between the boundaries we're told to stand behind and the ones that even the most daring creators rarely pass.

An experimental artist who knows what it means to push those boundaries is San Francisco-based graphic designer Brian Pollett. One series called Binge emphasizes the artist's insatiable hunger for atypical inspiration.

Over the course of 20 days, Pollett — also known as Pixel-Pusha — took 20 different drugs and documented his bizarre experiences with a series of eye-opening illustrations. He did not, however, embark on this journey with frivolity in mind. Instead, he sought to learn what he could about psychedelics and their role in the creative process.

Day 1 -- Butylone

Day 2 -- G.H.B

Day 3 -- Codeine

Day 4 -- T.H.C

Day 5 -- Alcohol

Day 6 -- Nitrous

Day 7 -- Cocaine

Day 8 -- Psilocybin

Day 9 -- 4-HO-MIPT

Day 10 -- Poppers

Day 11 -- DMT

Day 12 -- Ether

Day 13 -- 25I

Day 14 -- MXE

Day 15 -- MDMA

Day 16 -- Amphetamine

Day 17 -- Mescaline

Day 18 -- Ketamine

Day 19 -- LSD

Day 20 -- Love

(via BoredPanda)

While we here at ViralNova would never condone drug use, there's something special about Pollett's inclination to pull out all the stops. If you ask him how he approaches outside opinions on his process, the artist's response is simple: "I can create art without concern of outsider judgment, without overanalyzing my process, and I intuitively enjoy creating the most honest work."

To see more of Pixel-Pusha's creations, be sure to check out his website. For regular updates, follow him on Instagram and Facebook.

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