Her Little Boy Has No Idea His Mother Is About To Die. What She’s Doing About That Is Amazing.

January 17, 2014 Stories

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Shortly after giving birth to her son, Freddie, Rowena began experiencing pain in her stomach. At first, doctors thought it was related to the pregnancy and gave her medicine for the pain. For six months, Rowena was in pain every single day. When the pain got bad enough, she finally went to a doctor for lots of different screenings. After a round of painful tests, she received a shocking diagnosis: she had bowel cancer. She knew she was going to die but instead of focusing on death, she chose to focus on the future of her son.

Even while Rowena is still alive, she is apart from her son, which upsets him. So, she told him that his teddy bear had magical powers. Any time he felt lonely or missed his mommy, he was supposed to talk to his teddy bear. That way, she could hear his messages and be there for him, whether she was away in the hospital or even after she passed on.

Life is a precious thing, even though sometimes it’s not very fair. The strength it took for Rowena to prepare for her death is unimaginable.

Source: dailymail.co.uk

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