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18 Simple Cleaning Hacks To Make Your Electronics Look Like New

NOVEMBER 15, 2016  —  By Matthew Derrick  
Matthew Derrick

Matthew Derrick

Writer and sassy ginger currently residing in central Pennsylvania. Matt spends most of his free time online shopping for clothing that he doesn't need, perfecting the art of eye-rolling, and indulging in all forms of pop culture.

Just like any other millennial, I spend a large portion of my day surrounded by electronic devices.

When I'm not using my laptop to write, I'm Instagramming what's for lunch or snapping action shots of my cousins at their sporting events with my digital camera. Not a minute goes by that I'm not handling at least one device. Such constant use causes my electronics to look pretty dirty over time. You probably know exactly what I'm talking about.

To help you keep your devices looking sparkly and new, here are 18 cleaning tips and solutions that might even extend the life of your electronics.

1. When wiping your devices clean, make sure to use only microfiber cloths.

2. Create a simple electronics cleaner with distilled water and isopropyl alcohol.

3. Get dirt and debris off your keyboard by using rubbing alcohol and Q-tips.

4. You can also clean it with tape.

5. Another option is attaching a ketchup bottle lid to your vacuum and sucking away.

6. Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to degrease your laptop.


7. Clean your plasma TV with a cloth and a dab of gentle detergent. Dry it with a clean cloth afterward.

8. Keep a range of electronics dust-free by using a makeup brush or paintbrush.

9. Remove hard-to-reach dirt from your camera with a toothpick.

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10. Make cleaning fun by using an empty Nerf gun to shoot away dust and crumbs.

11. Remove dirt and fingerprints from your devices with the sticky part of a Post-it.

12. Use an eraser to get rid of dirt that's on or around your wires.

13. Dust your computer speakers with a lint roller.

14. Clean your earbuds with a dry toothbrush.

15. Use an interdental toothbrush to remove dirt on your headphone jack.

16. Get dirt and smudges off of your computer monitor with a coffee filter.

17. Clean a glass screen by wiping it with paper.

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18. Remove dirt on or around the buttons on your smartphone with a toothbrush.

(via Bright Side)

My electronics are going to look so good. Which of these tips will you try?

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