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20 Optical Illusions That Are Sure To Make You Think Twice -- #9 Is So Cool!

JANUARY 30, 2017  —  By Matthew Derrick  
Matthew Derrick

Matthew Derrick

Writer and sassy ginger currently residing in central Pennsylvania. Matt spends most of his free time online shopping for clothing that he doesn't need, perfecting the art of eye-rolling, and indulging in all forms of pop culture.

It’s time to put your perception to the test.

Your brain is always trying to make sense of the world around you and sometimes life throws you a few curve balls that will make you sit back and scratch your head. These visual forms of trickery known as optical illusions will do just that. If you’re ready to have your mind blown, here are 20 optical illusions that will keep you guessing.

1. Stare at the orange and green dots and then move your eyes down to the yellow ones. See the color change?

2. Believe it or not, the center gray line is the same color all throughout.

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3. If you stare long enough, that middle box will fade into the background. Scroll or glance quickly and it'll appear to move!

4. Squares A and B are the same color.

5. It looks like there's a distorted shape at first, but stare at the center and soon things will look more uniform.

6. Focus on the dot and the grey stripe will turn blue.

7. How many colors do you see in this photo?

There are actually only three.

8. Does anyone else notice the middle of that tile floor bulging? All the squares are really the same size, but the smaller squares in the corners of some of them make the image appear to jut outward.

9. When you stare at the plus sign, the purple dots slowly fade away. A green dot will gradually appear. This is caused by an afterimage effect.

10. These two dogs are exactly the same color.

11. Is it just me, or are those diamonds moving?

12. These chess pieces are also the same exact color, but the backgrounds make them look different.

13. Stare at this illusion too long and you'll start feeling dizzy.

14. Is it possible that Tiles A,B, and C are all the same color? Oddly, yes.

15. Look at the difference shadow placement makes. While the top three just appear to be arranged differently at the same height, the bottom three are made to look like they're at entirely different heights due to the placement of shadows.

16. This optical illusion might make it impossible to finish this simple maze that starts in the bottom right corner.

17. There's no way these two nuts can be connected like that, or is there?

18. It's a rabbit. No, it's a duck. What do you see?

19. Lay your finger across the line where the two tiles meet. Not so different, huh?

20. Both sets of grey lines are exactly the same color. How is that even possible?

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Does your brain hurt yet? Let us know your favorite optical illusions in the comments and don't forget to share these illusions with your friends to test their brainpower!

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