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Pictures That Perfectly Captured Moments In Time. Talk About Epic Timing!

JULY 31, 2014

Photography can be extremely rewarding, but it's also challenging. Getting the perfect shot is a lot harder than you might think. Even if it's accidental, a photo with epic timing should be documented and celebrated. After all, most of them will be once-in-a-lifetime shots.

Some of the most notable photos that were just right have been making their way around the Internet, but now they're here for just you. It only took a split-second for these ordinary photos to become extraordinary.

1. Hey, quit horsing around.

2. Maybe it took 304 tries, but it was worth it.

3. Epic use of your time at the beach.

4. Before everything got so, so wet.

5. Smile for the camera!

6. Ohhhhhh, so that's where babies come from.


8. I think this means it's nap time.

9. Yarr, matey. This is my parrot.

10. And that's how Jason broke his arm.

11. That bartender is REALLY working it.

12. Guess who was binge-watching Breaking Bad on Netflix.


14. Hi there, nice to meet you!

15. Eagle jet pack... activate.

16. Weeeeeee!

17. Did someone order a moon?

18. A kitty wormhole!

19. The circle of life.

20. Terror is right below the surface.

21. Oh... my... WHAT.

22. Moments before taking your first bite...

23. P.S., don't let your kids talk to strangers. Especially this one.

24. True love is fur-ever.

25. I tip my hat to your tiny hat, sir.

26. Little Jimmy never liked Coke or Mentos again.

27. Tourist photo win.

28. How we should all react to cat butt.

29. Eyes on the prize!

30. Spike didn't realize his owner took the pool cover off for the first time this year.

31. The moment we wait for every summer.

32. Not to burst your bubble...

33. Meet the world's first dog-giraffe hybrid.

34. One. Class. Act.

35. You didn't know that whales were swell dancers?

36. That statue should try going cold turkey.

37. Who Needs a Soccer Ball When You Can Have the Sun at Your Feet?

38. It's the Phantom Of The Mothra!

39. Ellis Island is electrifying.


41. Oh hai, Mr. Boat.

42. I don' t know what it is, but that looks horrible.

43. Oh, you don't fly on time traveling jets?

44. Fly me to the moon!

45. It doesn't hurt... yet.

46. Aquaman looks different than I thought...

47. Dolphin-bird or bird-dolphin?

48. You know, just rearranging the Eiffel Tower.

Permission to buzz the tower... GRANTED!

49. Sitting in the water or standing on the sand?

50. What in the?....

51. NOPE, that's not an eye.

52. Coming or going?

53. Gymnasts don't need a head, it just slows them down.

54. I can just FEEL the pain.

55. Like a boss.

56. Oh hai, there.

57. Up, up and away!

58. Make up your mind, Mother Nature.

59. I see what you did there, flamingos.

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