Adding Epoxy To Even The Ugliest Of Spaces Can Make It Look Beautiful

SEPTEMBER 8, 2016  —  By Matthew Derrick

Typically garages become the catchalls of the house, where everything that we have no use for, but might one day need, goes to collect dust.

For Reddit user GusGus62, his garage was being overtaken by all his junk, and he no longer had the room for his woodworking projects. After deciding to do a clean sweep of the space, he chose to give his garage floor a bit of a makeover, too. Using epoxy he ordered online, GusGus62 was able to make a normally ugly space shine like a diamond.

Before he could begin renovating the garage floor, he needed to clear out all the junk.

Finally able to see the floor, GusGus62 prepared to wash it with a degreasing liquid.

In total, the floor was scrubbed a number of times to ensure all the grease and oil was removed.

In order to seal the relief cracks, he taped off the floor.

He used a self-leveling solution to fill in the cracks.

Using a diamond wheel he rented from Home Depot, he began grinding the floor to create a fresh, new surface.

With the sanding complete, it was finally time to apply the epoxy to the garage floor.

He chose to add the speckled effect by throwing pinches of flakes, while the epoxy was still wet.

Once the epoxy dried, GusGus62 finally had a space to create in without all the clutter.

That epoxy floor is so shiny, you can probably see your reflection in it.

I'd love to try this in my own garage, but that would require me to clear out all the junk first.



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