This Dog Knows How To Disguise Himself As A Stuffed Animal -- And It's Great

SEPTEMBER 18, 2016  —  By Amanda Black  
Amanda Black

Amanda Black

Amanda hails from the great state of Maine. In the past, she's written for sites like,, and On ViralNova, you can catch her covering animal cuteness, travel, DIY tricks, and everything in between!

As a kid, I had tons of favorite stuffed animals.

There was Mr. Panda, Mrs. Elephant, Ms. Fox...the list goes on. Sure, I had dogs, but they would never be as fluffy or smooshy as my plush pillow toys.

That is until I came across Instagram sensation Ernie Pooh. Not only is this super-fluffy toy poodle adorable, but he seems to know exactly how to act like a stuffed animal. Just watch him in action.

Sure, on first glance, Ernie Pooh is a totally normal pup.

He lives a pretty spoiled life.

And sure, clearly this cutie is ridiculously fluffy.

Are you seeing it now?

The ONLY reason I know which one's Ernie is because he's white.

He's got the whole lifeless fluffy flop down.


I really need Ernie Pooh in my life.

Then again, I think I'd settle for this cutie...



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