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That Person Who Posts About Their Spouse All The Time? Yeah, They're Probably Miserable

JANUARY 18, 2017  —  By Hannah Austin

We all know at least one person who posts about their significant other all the time. "Best boyfriend ever!" "I love you bae!" It's enough to make anyone gag, but as it turns out, they're probably miserable in real life.

And I'm not just saying that to be petty! Recently, sexologist Nikki Goldstein shared shared some insights about relationships and social media with Daily Mail Australia that will make you look at cringe-worthy couple posts in a whole new way.

According to Goldstein, when someone constantly posts about how great their relationship is on social media, it's often a sign that they're having issues.

These types of posts aren't about celebrating their partner or making happy memories. Instead, these people are looking to validate their relationship with the instant gratification of likes and comments.

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As Goldstein explained, "In my job, I get to see what people post, but I also get to hear what goes on behind the scenes in those same relationships. But as I look through my Facebook feed, everyone seems to tell me they're so ecstatically happy."

In truth, they need validation from other people to make up for the fact that behind closed doors, things aren't as perfect as they seem.

And those perfect "relfies" (aka "relationship selfies")? Goldstein says, "Couples are taking these photos, straight away putting them online, and then watching the likes and comments instead of being with their partners."

Constant touching and terms of endearment that express possession, such as "my guy" or "my girl," are also a bad sign. These are a sign of insecurity, often meant to convey ownership of another person or show off a new relationship to an ex.

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On the other hand, casual and candid photos are a good sign that a relationship is thriving. These couples are real -- they don't care what people think of them. They just love being in love!

Goldstein says that all couples have an important question to ask themselves: "Are we the same in the real world, away from our screen, and are we more concerned about how the relationship actually is, or are we more interested in how it looks online?" The answer says a lot about the long-term success of your relationship.

Be sure to share this information with your friends on social media, especially those who post about their significant other just a little too often!

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