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Stuck Between A Real And A Fake Xmas Tree? Here Are All The Pros And Cons

DECEMBER 3, 2017  —  By Sarah Jewel  
Sarah Jewel

Sarah Jewel

Animal and pizza lover with an Internet addiction. Nerd to the max. Currently residing in the land of beautiful winters.

There's nothing more comforting or familiar than family holiday traditions.

For those who celebrate Christmas, this often includes, the who, what, when, where, and why of the Christmas tree. My family tradition was to drive about an hour away to a Christmas tree farm while it was still light out and then hike into the field looking for the perfect pine or fir. We were always looking for one with full branches, about six feet tall, with soft needles so us kids wouldn't wind up hurting ourselves. The farm had hot cocoa and candy canes and a gift shop and I have amazing memories of driving back at night and seeing all of the lights.

Now I live on my own, and I'm living in a completely different part of the country. It's time for me to start making my own Christmas tree traditions, and that means figuring out whether I want a real or artificial tree in my own home. The reality is that there are pros and cons to both, and that's not even taking into account that my pets will probably knock the darn thing down anyway. Here's what you should think about before taking the Xmas plunge.

If you're thinking about a real tree, one of the pros is that it can be a fun experience, whether that's going to a tree farm like my family did or going to a corner stand in your city. The trees are relatively local and probably haven't been shipped huge distances. They also smell super great!

Real Christmas trees can be good for the environment. Even during their short lives, they absorb carbon dioxide from the air, they're biodegradable, and if you've got the right equipment, they're even recyclable.

That said, those who are extremely environmentally conscious should consider the following. Finding a mulcher to recycle a tree can be difficult. In addition, pesticides a tree farm might be using to grow their trees and the impact that can have on the environment.

Some of the cons of live Christmas trees in the home are that you need to remember to water them regularly or they'll become fire hazards, especially with all of those warm lights on their branches. You'll also have to worry about needles covering your carpet.

Artificial Christmas trees have their own pros, too, including that they're reusable from year to year. Even if your taste in decor changes, the tree can stay the same every time. There have been real advancements as far as making fake trees look full and realistic, and you can even buy some spray to bring that fresh pine smell to your home.

They're also super easy to use and store. There's no watering, vacuuming, or other worrying associated with setting up an artificial tree. You can set it and forget it, bringing Christmas cheer into the house for the whole holiday season.

On the other hand, just because a tree is reuseable doesn't mean it's good for the environment. One researcher pointed out that it would take 20 years for an artificial tree's carbon footprint to become "worth it" over a live tree for each of those years.

Most fake trees are made with PVC material, which is harmful to the environment, but it also harms people who work in the factories creating it. More than 85 percent are shipped from China, which is another environmental and humanitarian cost. Finally, they're not biodegradable or recyclable.

(via Apartment Therapy)

I'm still trying to figure out what my Christmas tree tradition will be, but what about you? What do you think about the pros and cons of real versus artificial? Are there any we missed? Sound off in the comments about your thoughts on this holiday decoration!

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