This Is Not Your Ordinary Father-Son Piggyback Ride. It’s Much, Much More.

March 11, 2014 News

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Fathers give their children piggyback rides all of the time, but it’s never anything like this. A Chinese man named Yu Xukang gives his son a ride every morning so that he can go to school. His son, Xiao Qiang, is disabled. His back is hunched and his limbs are twisted, so riding in a special basket that his dad carries on his back is the only way he can get to school.

So, his dad carries him. For 18 miles.

Someone please give Yu Xukang a father of the year award. Not many people would be able to go above and beyond like this for their child, even if they wanted to. This level of sacrifice and dedication is awe-inspiring.

Source: Daily Mail

His love for his son is amazing. Share it with others.

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