This Commercial's Message Will Give You Nightmares, But It's One You Should Hear

JANUARY 18, 2016  —  By Tim Unkenholz  
Tim Unkenholz

Tim Unkenholz

Writer and stand up comedian in NY. Check out my monthly comedy show Roomie Raiders at the Creek and The Cave! @timunken

Public awareness ads can be a bit brutal, but then again, maybe scaring people is the only way to teach them. One of the most effective — and creepiest — ads circulating the Internet right now is the PSA below, which aims to raise awareness about how alcoholism affects children.

Featuring a cast of horrifying monsters, it highlights how scary the actions of adults can be to little kids, especially when their parents are under the influence.


While we may see drinking as harmless fun, to children, the lowered inhibitions of the adults they trust really makes them question their safety on an instinctive level. You may think you're just having a good time, but to a child, drunken actions could bring them nothing but nightmares.


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