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22 Hilarious Dog Faces That'll Have You Laughing 'Til You Can't Breathe

FEBRUARY 20, 2015  —  By Jessica Catcher  
Jessica Catcher

Jessica Catcher

Jessica is a writer who lives in Queens, NY. She spends most of her time listening to One Direction, watching TV, and hanging out with her one-eyed cat, Rigby.

One of the best things about having man's best friend as a pet is their amazingly expressive faces. Sometimes, our pups try to use their precious faces to get out of trouble. Other times, they just like to play tricks on our eyes. Either way, they're pretty much always hilarious. (And of course, super cute.)

These adorable dogs from around the web seriously have some of the funniest faces you'll see all day.

1. "Listen: I'm so sorry for what you're about to find in the kitchen."

2. "Pssst! They don't know it, but I just peed a little on the couch."

3. He really didn't like that Sour Patch Kids' flavor.

4. He needed some help auditioning for the Joker.


6. "I have never met this man before in my life."

7. He's working on his pancake impression.

8. "Wow, you're even bigger than the Great Dane next door."


10. "She said whaaaaaat?" "I knooooow, right?"

11. "Duudde, was there something in those doggie brownies?"

12. Channeling her favorite Disney princess, Ariel.

13. "Just tell me where you hid the Beggin' Strips and no one gets hurt."

14. Every time the doorbell rings...

15. His owners just started using bacon-flavored Windex.

16. Daydreaming about an all-you-can-eat kibble buffet.

17. "Dude, what have you been eating?"

18. "Save. Me."

19. "I love catching bugs like this!"

20. "Odor-Eaters: ever heard of 'em?"

21. "Who has a problem?"

22. "Hey, you got your braces off!"

(via PBH2)

These natural comedians deserve a round of applause...or at least some extra belly rubs.

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