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These 20 People Called 911 For All The Wrong (And Hilarious) Reasons

APRIL 12, 2015

When you want to talk about what you ate for dinner, who do you call? What about when you're looking for a date? Odds are, you'd give a good friend a ring...not 911.

These people, though, don't quite grasp the difference between the two parties.

Here's a refresher course: the police are only meant to be called in emergency situations. Easy, right? Well some people aren't exactly clear on what constitutes an emergency...

1. Apparently he really wanted Taco Bell.


2. "Sorry ma'am, we cannot provide a husband at this time."

3. Contrary to popular belief, police do not settle food order disputes.


4. No, the police chief will not bring over a fly swatter.

5. This seems a tad desperate...

6. Uh oh...not good.


7. This is the definition of "not an emergency."

8. "Not this one."

9. While more than competent at math, police dispatchers are not there to help with homework.

10. "But I really want a cheeseburger!"

11. It may not be a prank call, but it's still funny.

12. Worst pick-up line ever.

13. Definitely NOT an emergency.


14. It's a reasonable request, but not for a police dispatcher.


15. If you give a man a ride to the liquor store, he's gonna want a ride home.

16. Has this person ever ordered pizza before?

17. Loud snoring is not grounds for a 911 call.

18. This is just so out of the blue it's hard to even guess what was going through this person's head.

19. Police dispatch cooking tips.


20. This is way more complicated than it needs to be...

(via eBaum's World)

It's pretty wild what some people will call the emergency dispatcher for. We shouldn't have to say it again, but it can't hurt...911 operators have much more important things to do, none of which involve food orders.

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