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They Knew There Was A Problem With This Gas Pump...They Just Didn't Expect This

JUNE 15, 2017  —  By Ryan E.

A lot of people would be freaked out to find a living creature inside their gas pump, but definitely not this guy!

Brandon Radke was with his friends at the Cowboys Shell Gas Station in Cedartown, Georgia, when he noticed a critter hanging out behind the spot where the nozzle to the gas pump rests. But instead of walking away like many others would likely do, he decided to help the little guy out by reaching his hand in!

To his fellow customers' surprise, Brandon had no problem maneuvering the animal around, despite the fact that it could've bitten him.

He used the end of the nozzle to face it away from him so that he could easily grab it from behind its head.

When he finally got his shirt-wrapped hand around the creature, he had no trouble pulling it out.

Watch as Brandon frees a three-foot snake from the pump as onlookers shriek in fear. There's no doubt that he's one brave guy!

Luckily for that serpent, which is believed to be a non-venomous rat snake, Brandon is a big fan of the reptiles and wasn't intimidated at all. Share if you wouldn't have been nearly as calm and collected in his shoes!

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